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April Rose. 23. Burmese. Jersey + DMV.
George Mason student. Counselor in training. Sports enthusiast. Legend in the making.

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Maybach Music Group Presents Self Made Vol. 1

Look another day another dollar
She hate me when I leave ‘cause when I leave I never call her
That’s life shit, aight shit, I could call you right quick
But if I call you gone be like “Boo, why we haven’t skyped yet?”
And I skype, bet you say “Le, where my flight at?”
If I decline then you inquire on where I spend my nights at
Shit this life gets overwhelming and more than hectic
But a woman worth some anger is certainly worth some effort
Just look closer, my life is quite deceptive
Women will sell they soul just to buy some attention
I need something to hold, fuck that passive aggression
And when I’m back from off that road don’t ask me no questions
Please.. fear what you don’t know